At the heart of Moignes Court it's all about community, inspiration and creativity.

  • Our goal is to create a learning environment that inspires people to see that there are many alternative ways to live and work. 
  • We put the health of our planet at the forefront of our minds in all of our actions. 
  • We promote alternative education ideas and offer children the chance to learn through freedom and play.
  • We encourage children to have an entrepreneurial spirit. This is an alternative to the standard education system which prepares children to become employees.
  • We provide opportunities for our local community to learn new creative skills.
  • We believe in the benefit of living in a community while still maintaining our personal spaces. We share meals often, work on projects together and love hanging out. Our children play together and we collectively create things far greater than if we worked alone.
  • We see Moignes Court as a place for people to share magical moments, forming positive memories that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.