information pack

Here is the detailed information about the Bus and its facilities to help you when you come and stay!

 Hi and welcome to the Magic Bus! We are really happy you have chosen to stay with us and hope you have a really great holiday! This document is full of helpful information about the bus. We’ve included things like how to work the wood burner, health and safety information, and where everything you need can be found. We want to ensure your stay is as carefree and easy as possible, so if there are any questions you might have please come and knock on our door (East Wing) or give us a ring on 07870 869077 or 01305 853479      

Where to find everything: 



The bus runs on solar electricity with two solar panels on the roof. Inside the bus there are 6 led lights, one by the head of each bunk, 2 by the head of the double bed and 2 above the cooker. There are also 2 USB sockets in the side cabinet below the gas cooker. These can be used for charging phones, laptops or other electronic devices, or the fairy lights provided. There is also one normal 240v 3-pin plug socket on the floor under the gas cooker (to use: flick the switch and the green light goes on)




  • Water tap – by washing up area on the grass lawn 
  • Wood store – behind wall in courtyard (first basket is free, thereafter £5 per basket) 
  • Bins and recycling – in open barn (glass separately; paper, tin & plastic together) 



You will find a wifi network is available at various points around our garden. It sometimes reaches to the bus. You can get a good signal by the house. There are 2 networks you can use: dizzinet doesn’t need a password for it to work, and landing’s password is Frank123 

Garden: We are very happy for you to use our garden and all the fun things in it. We take care to make the garden safe, but please understand that you use any item at your own risk. We recommend you don’t leave your children unattended. We share the garden with 2 other families (we are all really friendly so feel free to come and say hi!) 


  • Fire pit- you are welcome to use this for having a fire/BBQ. You can use the wood by the fire pit but please don’t use the wood that is undercover as that belongs to our private tenants. 
  • The trampoline – We are very happy for you to use this however there is a strict weight limit (4 children max of 5 stone or less) or 1 adult 2 children, or 2 adults only. 
  • The treehouse and climbing nets – these are great fun to play on. Please be careful and safe while climbing to reduce the rick of accident. 
  • The adventure playground - with wobbly bridge and balance beams. Please supervise your children when using this area. 


We have lots of lovely vegetables growing in the garden and if you are green fingered and have a love of gardening please feel free to help out with a bit of weeding/watering. 

Shower Hut: 

The shower is easy - simply twist the chrome switch just below the shower head, left to right to turn the shower on. Please don’t use the back switch on the shower head as it’s quite stiff. The 2 dials on the shower unit can be adjusted to get the temperature right, and water flow. There is an LED light in the shower for night use. 

Compost Loo: 

Using the compost loo is very simple. Please only use while sitting down (no stand up wees please) Please put 2 scoops of sawdust in with each poo. The black plastic thing at the front of the seat is a urine separator, and it’s important to be careful not to block it with loo roll or saw dust. 

Straw bale Urinal: 

This is located in the field behind the rear corner of the bus, behind the hazel fence. Just wee straight on the straw bale. 

Camping potty: 

This is under the green chair in the bus. This is for wee only. It’s very useful on a dark and rainy night. Please pour it straight onto the straw bale urinal, and clean out and leave as you found it. 


There is a fridge in the garage in the courtyard. Ask us about access to this. 

Fire safety: 

In the bus there is a fire extinguisher and fire blanket next to the driver’s seat. There is also a fire escape, which is the large window by the single bed, which opens fully in the case of an emergency using the handle. Please be responsible with any naked flames in the bus and always use the candle holders provided for any candles used in the bus. There is a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm in the bus. 

Smoking: This is a no smoking bus so please respect this and smoke outside. Please do not drop cigarette butts on the ground but put them in the large flower pot by the door of the bus. 

Log burning stove: 

The wood burner on the bus will keep you toasty and warm on even the coldest day. The fire should be lit in the right hand section as the left hand part can be used as an oven. There is a vent on the door, which you open and close by twisting. Opening the vent makes the fire burn hotter, closing it will make the fire last longer (for example when you go to sleep) We provide you with firelighters to get the fire started. You only need 1 or 2 firelighters to get the fire started with a couple of logs on the top. These can be found in the kindling basket. 


The courtyard is a quiet zone at all times, and we ask that there be no noise in the garden after 8pm as we have young children sleeping at that time. You are welcome to use the garden after 8pm, but just no shouting kids etc. We also have a general noise curfew of 11pm. 


 The nearest shop is the Co-op at Crossways (5 minute drive) which is open until 10pm every day At the top of Owermoigne there is Kate’s farm shop, and a Texaco garage. Galton garden centre has a cafe and does breakfasts. 


Please be quiet at all times in the parking/courtyard area as our parents live in the main part of the house and don’t like to be disturbed. In our garden there is a noise curfew of 8pm (we have babies sleeping in the house nearby). At the bus and in your own private garden please keep noise to a minimum after 11pm. Thank you. Please treat the bus with respect. No smoking inside the bus and please leave it in the same condition as you found it. We do all the cleaning ourselves so it is really helpful if you could tidy up after yourself! If you need anything If you need anything please knock on our door, which is the white arched door by the entrance to the play garden. Otherwise please ring or text 07870 869077 or 01305 853479 If you cant get us at any of these numbers please try knocking at the yurt in the garden! 

We really hope you enjoy your stay and if there is anything you need please just let us know! Happy holidays!! x The Crees P.S If you’ve enjoyed your stay, please leave us a positive review on our website as this helps our business to grow and lets other people know how much fun it is to stay on the magic bus!

Contact details:

Moignes Court 

Moreton Rd 



Dorset DT2 9HY 

[email protected] 

07870 869077 or 01305 853479