added extras


We offer a wide selection of extra options to include during your stay. If you would like to include any of these extras on your holiday with us, please contact us and book them in advance so we can prepare them ready for when you arrive. 


Extra baskets of logs £5.00 (1 free when you arrive)

Collection from Moreton train station £5.00 each way

Extra family members camping £5.00 per person per night

2nd car parking fee £5.00 per night 

Laundry is £5 per wash and dry.  


Drum Kit Lessons £30 per hour or more information click here

African Hand Drum Lessons £30 per hour or more information click here

Hammered Dulcimer Lessons £30 per hour, or 5 hours for £100 for more information click here

Group Drum Circle/Workshop £200 for 1 hour, fun group drumming workshop for all ages for more info click here

Meditation lessons Ralph Cree has been meditating since 1996. He can do 1 on 1 tuition, or group tuition. £30 for one hour lesson. More info click here

Body-weight strength training Using your own body-weight to workout is great fun! You can use no equipment at all, or use pullup bars, gym rings, climbing ropes, ab-wheels etc. £30 for an hour lesson. More info click here

Private concert with Hang and Dulcimer Duo The Crees £150 per concert. see video below.